Home Minding

Monthly and biweekly visits include but are not limited to:

  • Walk-thru visual inspection of the residence Meter readings taken monthly for water & electric Report to owner any maintenance or repairs needed
  • Check all windows and doors Change position of curtains and the time on automatic light timers (if applicable) to give the home the look of being lived in
  • Check security system, smoke detectors, and circuit breakers
  • Check air conditioning and water heater
  • Check for signs of mold, mildew, insects, and rodents
  • Run all faucets and flush toilets
  • Bring in mail
  • Monthly inspection list and written report
  • Monthly account summary

Home minding service pricing will be determined by size and location of residence, complete list of services rendered, frequency and length of visits.

Aruba Home Minders will customize all packages to meet each homeowner’s personal needs.
*see "Home Minding Packages" for a list of basic Home Minding rates

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